About the company

FetchRSS is an online feed generator founded in 2014.

Since then our team is working on new features as well as improving a functionality we already have.

We have all kind of clients, from individual users to big companies. So we know a specific of your business. And keep it in mind while developing our product.

Our infrastructure

Our primary servers are located in Netherlands. We also have backup servers in the United States.

Speaking of backup servers, every day we create our database backups. Then we send it to all of our servers, where we store it for 30 days. So you have daily restore points for all or your data in several independent servers.


Current servers status: UP

Uptime for the last 7 days: 100.000%
Uptime for the last 30 days: 100.000%

(Monitoring by UptimeRobot)

If you have any questions you can check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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